Our Choral Hub feature for the month is of Music Director Daniel Etim. Daniel who has spent years as a classical musician is the director of the Asaph choir. A choir made up of young singers between the ages of 16-22. In our interview with him, he speaks extensively about his career as a music…Continue Reading “Music Director Daniel Etim Speaks On His Journey As Director Of The Asaph Choir”

The much anticipated ‘Some Enchanted Evening’ concert took place on the 16th of September at the MUSON Centre The concert was an evening of Broadway music. Music that tells the story of star crossed lovers who despite all the negativity and societal pressure, decided to rebel and let love lead. The songs are drawn from the greatest…Continue Reading “Joshua & Genevieve Create The Most Enchanting Evening With Beautiful Music [PHOTOS]”

Nigerian Music Director and Opera Singer Jo Oparamanuike aka ‘Mr Tenor’ recently had a chat with The Guardian, in which he spoke about his passion to develop the Nigerian Opera scene and how that passion helped him create the ‘Comic Opera House’. Read excerpts from the interview below. What brought you back to Nigeria considering…Continue Reading “Jo Oparamanuike Reveals His Ultimate Plan To Inculcate Opera Culture In Nigeria”

The Planning Committee of the 2018 Musical Society of Nigeria Festival of the Arts has promised to host its guests to a much-improved version of the annual event, which is expected to take place between October 17 and 28 in Lagos. Members of the committee made this known during a briefing held recently at the…Continue Reading “2018 Musical Society of Nigeria Festival of the Arts Promises To Be Bigger & Better”

Soprano? Alto? Treble? Tenor? What does it all mean? Does it really matter if you belong to a specific vocal part in a choral group? Should you be worried that your choirmaster or choral director keeps speculating when it comes to your voice classification? Maybe. Just maybe. The need for polyphonic texture back in the…Continue Reading “The Granville Experience: Bursting The Myth About Vocal Classification”

Dr Ephraim Amu was one of Ghana’s earliest classical music composer whose works still fill concert halls in Ghana and the world. Written below is a look into the musical works of Ephraim Amu from Bode Omojola’s book “Art Music In Nigeria.” Amu was born in 1899, in Peki, in the Volta Region of Ghana….Continue Reading “CH SPOTLIGHT: Ghanaian Classical Music Pioneer Dr Ephraim Amu”

Let us be the music you hear in your happy and sad moments; music expresses any feeling, thought, sadness, happiness, depression, loneliness and more. For us at Chamber Music, we take the pleasure to give the best of its kind. Welcome to The Chamber Music Society, the society for all music lovers and admirers. We…Continue Reading “Beautiful Rhythms Brings Life To The August Edition Of The Chamber Music Concert [PHOTOS]”

Hello guys. We are proud to present our new guest columnist MacGregor Granville who will give us various content on classical music with regards to the African continent. Get the scoop on his first post below. Welcome to the ‘Granville Ecperience’   It is a well-known fact that music is a universal language. A language…Continue Reading “The Granville Experience: Vocal Ignorance In The African Choral Community”