The DamCity Chorale in Ghana recently had its ‘ Excelsis Deo’ Concert which coincided with the lunch of their album on the 23rd of November at the Trinity Baptist Church Ghana . Therefore it was basically two events wrapped in one which made the entertainment and music a double fold. Check out exciting photos from…Continue Reading “DamCity Chorale Excites Fans WIth ‘Excelsis Deo’ Concert [PHOTOS]”

Ever wondered why those basses in your choir strain and twist their neck in haphazard ways to reach those low notes? They probably aren’t basses at all. Right from the 16th century, during the Baroque period, vocal polyphony was well developed, even as we see it in oratorios and cantatas of the time. The choir,…Continue Reading “THE UBIQUITY OF VOICE TYPES IN CHORAL MUSIC”

Vuvu Mpofu had never heard opera until, aged 15, she was overwhelmed by a Mozart aria at a school concert. In her home town of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, there were no opera teachers, the library had only one book on the subject, and her classmates were scornful of her interest. But Mpofu overcame all these…Continue Reading “South African Soprano Vuvu Mpofu Is Breaking Boundaries In Europe”

Chamber Music society of Nigeria held a superb concert on the 26th JULY 2019 at MTCM 5 Majaro Street,Onike Yaba,Lagos at the DKO Recital Hall. Various works of different great composers from different era was performed by young fiddlers, vibrant voices, woodwind and Brass.The concert was opened with the Concerto for four violin in B…Continue Reading “CMS Hosts Audience To An Evening Of Delightful Classical Music [PHOTOS]”

1 Warm up before you sing Do anything! Lip trills, sirens, ‘v’, ‘z’, ‘m’, ‘sh sh sh’, ‘s s s’. Literally anything to take the voice out of normal speech pitch and to wake up the muscles involving extended breath flow and expression. Stretch the body and the face! Exercise that tongue. Stick it out,…Continue Reading “10 Tips For Amateur Choral Singers – Phil Wilcox”

Are you a new choirmaster who is new to the world of conduxcting? Don’t be scared about it. Here are five tips to help improve your conducting. 1. Know What Sound You Want I believe it’s important to know the sound that you ultimately want your choir to achieve – and audiate it – before you give them a downbeat. If…Continue Reading “5 Tips On How To Be An Awesome Conductor”

A healthy dose of confidence is needed for anyone to thrive in their day to day activities and it has been realized that a healthy amount of confidence can be acquired from the practice of choral singing. Here are four ways in which singing in the choir can boost your confidence. 1. Conductor:Despite the myriad…Continue Reading “The Amazing Ways Singing In A Choir Can Boost Your Confidence”

Nigerian Violinist Clintonic Strings is a fantastic performer and one of the most talented young violinists in the country. In his last visit to our studio, the singer serenaded our ears with this beautiful piece titled “What Is A Youth”. Listen to the beautiful rendition below.