CMS Hosts Audience To An Evening Of Delightful Classical Music [PHOTOS]

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Chamber Music society of Nigeria held a superb concert on the 26th JULY 2019 at MTCM 5 Majaro Street,Onike Yaba,Lagos at the DKO Recital Hall.

Various works of different great composers from different era was performed by young fiddlers, vibrant voices, woodwind and Brass.
The concert was opened with the Concerto for four violin in B minor by a Baroque virtuoso Antonio Vivaldi the performance was grand, filling the hall with a perfect baroque music style,the passing of the musical phrase from each violinists was precise.The Concerto was performed by four violin and strings accompaniments.The opening of the Concert was indeed a grandeur.

The next on the programme was performed which was a dynamic performance of Diverssimento by Joseph Haydn No. 2 1st and second movements.A great sensation from the Classical period.Performed by Woodwind ( flute) and three strings Violin Viola and the Cello.A very attractive trio, these pieces were the last chamber music Haydn was to write for Flute.

Then a bright performance of Antonio Dvorak string Quintet no 2 in G major op.77(3rd movement Poco Andante) .Dvořák entered the piece in a competition and was awarded 5 ducats for the composition. The work bears the competition’s motto, “To my Nation”, as its dedication. Although the original work was scored in five movements, Dvořák later withdrew the second movement, entitled “Intermezzo,” due to concerns that having two slow movements.was the final antidote to calm the burning sensation.

Then a charming soprano voice fills the atmosphere by Emmanualla Odiri as she brilliantly sings Vio check sapete, Le nozzle de Figaro by W.A Mozart with piano accompaniment.

“Voi Che Sapete” is the Italian opera aria playing on the sound system of the Elizabeth when Sayid, Jack, and Sawyer find Desmond inside, in “Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1”. It is an aria from Mozart’s Le Nozze Di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), written by Lorenzo da Ponte. The character who sings it is Cherubino, a lovesick young pageboy. The topic of love seems appropriate for Desmond, as the rest of the episode delves into his relationship with Penelope Widmore.

Then to end the first half of a well done concert, Trumpet concerto by Johann Nepomuk Hummelperformed by Ogundipe Oluwamayowa with accompaniments It’s gives the sound of Triumphant.The performance leads to a grand ending of the first half of the Concert and a short 10min break was given.

Break is over Ding dong Ding the bells…………All seated in great expectation anticipating what the second half will be, since the first half was greatly enjoyed then the second will be most exciting.
The work by Michael Rondeau Fuge in Bflat for B flat four Trumpet, neatly performed done quickly and short.·Canadian trumpeter, composer, and arranger Michel Rondeau … 4 in G Minor (arr. brass quartet Michel Rondeau) The Baritone voice of Daniel Ozioma charged the audience as he vibrantly dressed the work of Rossini pro pecattis Aria for Bass.

Robert Schuman piano Trio ops 2 no.1 for clarinet, violin,viola and cello.The Piano Trio No. 2 in F major, Op. 80, by Robert Schumann was written in 1847. It has four movements: Sehr lebhaft Mit innigem Ausdruck – Lebhaft In mässiger Bewegung Nicht zu rasch Schumann’s first two piano trios were written in close succession, despite the large gap between their opus numbers.

Clarinet Quartet in E flat major opus 2 no 1 by Bernard Crusell for Clarinet,violin viola and cello.Virtually all of his compositions include the clarinet. From the point of style, rooted in the late classical era, showing the influence, in particularly of Mozart. 

A perpetual humour fills the hall a lovely sensation, as all were forced to wear a smile, majority can’t help it but to Laugh out loud as Olivia Nwabudike majestically performed the Laughing song by Johann Strauss.She wears a huge charming smile on her face as she sings and Laugh during her performance, it was really indeed a Laughing song, as she was able to make her Audience laugh along with her.She did actually made all seated to walk away with a smile….
Mozart flute Quartet in D Major (1st Movement) W.A Mozart composed it for Flute,violin, violin and cello.Beautifully presented with excellent quality ingredients for the Flute.

The came in a full house of strings,woodwind and Brass to grand the concert with the work of Frantisiek Krammer Krommer Concerto for two clarinets ops 35.Brilliantly performed by two young Clarinet virtuoso Akindipe Olaoluwa on first clarinet while Jonathan Anuforo on second Clarinet.Brilliant communication skills between the Clarinet solos and the orchestra accompaniments and the Conductor.It’s was a Grand ending of a great concert of the month of July.The concert held a spectacular atmosphere from the beginning to the ending no performance was just in passing all performance was brilliantly stipulated.


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