CMSN Hosts Intimate House Concert [PHOTOS]

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On November 27 2018, a spectacular and phenomenal concert was held at The Mine located at 1, Alpha Beach Road, Lekki, Lagos.
Tagged an Intimate House Concert, young talented musicians came together to show their dexterity on their various instruments which also includes voices. The concert featured various genre of music including jazz, contemporary, classical, pop.

One of the memorable performances was Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin ( Black American composer and a pianist). For the mellow experience we had, this song was perfectly executed by a young prodigy Joshua Akintola called Josh- Praize who dubs as a pianist. “Maple Leaf” was Scott’s first and most popular piece that became ragtime first and most influential hit of its time.

The jazz session was captivating as we watched jazz singer DebbieSoul performing her own composition titled “Colours”, a high-class jazz music. Accompanying her were Johnson Adenuga on the piano, Tombra on drums, Yomi on double bass and Dayo Mosoli on sax. It was a delightful company of jazz music; nodding of the head and tapping of the feet couldn’t be controlled by the audience as they adore the music. She also performed “All of me” by Frank Sinatra, a popular jazz swing well implemented by achieving the swing feeling of the music. Then she finally got to the fortissimo when she performed “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley, a folk song popularly known for its uniqueness. Unlike most of Bob Marley’s songs.


One of the classical performances, JS Bach Invention no 1, a part of Bach’s Inventions (collection of thirty short keyboard compositions (15) inventions and (15) sinfonias) which are of two parts contrapuntal pieces blew our mind. The pieces were beautifully and perfectly interpreted by the young pianist.

W.A Mozart (a young prodigy of the classical period) work wasn’t left out of the performance.The aria PARTO MA TU BEN MIO from the Italian opera LA CLEMENZA DI TITO for mezzo-soprano well sang by no other but most pleasant voice of Titilope David accompanied by the ingenious Seyi Ajibade the pianist and a virtuoso Jonathan on the Clarinet. The aria fills the house with an ornament that heals every wearied and broken soul, reviving the lost loved soul. “I go but my dearest make peace with me I will be what you would” lovely poetic opening line by Mozart writing to his dearest, reconciling again with her. Those who sat by their lovers at The Mine couldn’t help it but to cuddle. The music was exceptionally performed by the nice mezzo-soprano voice enjoyed by everyone.

Stunning G.F Handel’s Solomon Arrival of the Queen of Sheba performed by the string chamber fingers and bow pressed on the strings moving delightfully as if the Queen of Sheba were present.
Handel would have to wear a smile from his grave if he did hear that. Elegant!!!.

Plink, Plank, Plunk, Leroy Anderson a classical-jazz composer favourite piece was also performed at The Mine. Each string players plucking their strings as if to break it; with the pizzicato Plink, Plank, Plunk. Leroy Anderson demonstrates his remarkable use of original effectiveness of the strings by complimenting the plucked strings with other sounds created by the string players rubbing palms of their hands on the face of their stringed instruments; lovely old tunes and most charming music. His jazz pizzicato also was performed, a great composition though complicated but nicely presented. Kudos I must give to the young strings players.

Carl Stamiz composition for clarinet quartet in E flat major for strings and the clarinet, an adorable piece with nice tempo was well implemented by Laolu with his Clarinet. A charming soulful voice filled the house with its Giulio Caccini Ave Maria; hailing graceful Mary the mother of Jesus praying for sinners, till the hour of death. Anyone in the house with guilt will say prayers of mercy to save his sinful soul. Playful the Strings performed W.A Mozart Eine Kleine 1st, 2nd and third movements.

Czardas by Vittorio Monti violin solo, an Italian folkloric piece was performed with his different tempo well stipulated by the soloist.
Exquisite was what described it. Also was poetry, dance, fantasy, book club at the Intimate House Concert. Performance hub and different talents came out to showcase their talents. Art Gallery displayed varieties of pictures, portraits and so on.

If you missed this edition you won’t wanna miss another. If you didn’t miss it you will always thirst for more.
Don’t miss the next edition, be there!!!

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