We are launching our Choral Hub video features with the incredible violinist Clinton Akinkuolie. Clinton is a classically trained violinist who recently graduated from the prestigious MUSON School of Music where he came out the best student in the Strings section. In our chat with him he revealed how he got into the world of classical music and so much more.

On how he got into classical music, he revealed not too surprisingly his journey stated from his childhood church where classical music was a norm. Speaking about the Nigerian classical music scene Clinton believes the industry is growing as many more people are now interested in learning music. A major problem facing the industry according to Clinton is the lack of platforms for classical musicians as they have no outlet for all that they have learnt and practiced.

On how he makes a living from his musical skills, Clinton claims it is almost impossible to make money strictly from classical music in Nigeria. He makes a living from his musical skills by supplementing playing at shows with teaching music as there is a high demand for music teachers at present.  On getting fair treatment from concert organizers he made it clear there was still a long way to go as concert organizers do not still give classical musicians the regard they give their contemporary counterparts. On his future endeavours Clinton revealed he is working on an instrumental CD and it will probably be a major project for him.

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