10 Nigerian Artists We Would Love To See Do Classical Music

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Classical music as we all know is not main stream in Nigeria. However some contemporary artists have struck us as having some peculiar qualities that makes us take a double take on the vocal abilities of these artists. Without wasting too much time below are 10 artists we would love to see do classical music.

  1. WAJE:


Need I say more about this singer? She is no doubt one of the best vocalists in the Nigerian music industry. Forget her songs you hear on radio. When you hear her sing live, goose bumps will definitely overtake you. She is a very fantastic Soprano and we would not mind catching her at some recital giving other classical singers a run for their money.

Listen to: No be You

  1. Darey:


Of course he was going to make the list. This richly blessed baritone studied music at the University of Lagos and is no doubt a musical genius. He however has being very much a contemporary artist, carving a niche for himself as one of the foremost R&B musicians in Nigeria. We definitely would want to hear him in a concert hall, dishing out classical tunes to an ecstatic audience.

Listen to: You are not the girl

  1. TY Bello:


TY is a sweet sounding alto. TY does have a rich voice which will definitely brighten the stage of any concert hall and we all know she is one of those artists who would take quality over quantity any day.

Listen to: Ekundayo

  1. D’banj:


Don’t worry he will not sing with a towel around his waist for a duet with Andreo Bocelli. At the risk of offending the gods of classical music, I put down his name because D’banj even though he does not give a cent kobo about his vocal output does actually have a lot of energy vocally. Take a listen to ‘Top of The World’ and you would realise that with proper tutoring he might be able to deliver an above average performance of a classical piece.

Listen to: Top of the world


  1. Burna Boy

Yes, the tattooed up, marijuana loving artist, came on the scene with a unique vocal sound, which was his rich Baritone voice. He might not be musically trained hence not realising his full vocal potential, Burna Boy does give a very proper use of his voice at least on record, and no not every artist bastadizes their songs with auto tune. Anyway before all the marijuana and alcohol binge takes over his voice we would want to hear Burna do something of a classical nature.

Listen to: ‘Tonight’


  1. Timi Dakolo:


This energetic singer is one of the most powerful and energetic vocalists in contemporary Nigerian music. He is a soulful balladeer whose smoky, husky and powerful tone will do wonders to a classical piece. Timi is also one of the few artists in Nigeria who has not jumped on the Jollof Music trend and will therefore find it easy adapting to something new

Listen to: Great Nation

  1. Praiz:


This project fame alumnus is a versatile fellow who will definitely be able to do well on a classical stage. The emotive nature of his voice and the power behind it is definitely an essential for classical music.

Listen to: A woman’s need

  1. Adekunle Gold


Adekunle Gold needs no introduction right? The YBNL artist  has being raising the flag of RnB high for a while now. I am also sure you will all agree with me that with a little push he might be able to hit notes as high as Andreo Bocelli. Am i reaching? Maybe, but he will still make a good tenor anyway.

Listen to: Sade

  1. Niniola


Here’s another project fame alumnus that can do a lot of strange things with her vocal chords. The wide ranged soprano singer will definitely do well along side crossover classical artists like Katherine Jenkins.

Listen to: Akara Oyinbo


  1. Wande Coal


Wande has got a smooth voice for days and we all know it. His velvety voice has made him sell a lot of records and we are sure it will also transcend well when introduced to classical music.

Listen to: Plan B

There you have it people. Sound off in the comment section if you agree or give your own list.


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