Reasons Why Adequate Rehearsals Are Essential For Any Choir

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Ask any good choirmaster who is known for leading a well-disciplined choir about his/her secret and the answer would be rehearsals! Rehearsals! Rehearsals! Any choir that fails to have adequate rehearsals risk sounding bad at whatever function they perform.  You would think this is common sense but the truth is that common sense is not that common.

There are a lot of choirmasters who give little time for rehearsals and expect their choristers to perform magic at the main function. This puts a lot of strain on choristers and also brings about poor musical quality from the choir. Therefore below are five reasons why adequate reheasals are necessary for every choir.

.    1    It builds a confident choir as choristers become bolder when they are very sure of whatever song they are                       singing.

  1. It builds a vocally strong choir.
  1. It helps choirmasters identify problem areas when it comes to the singing abilities of their choristers.
  1. It helps the choir to maintain a level of enthusiasm, therefore not facing issues of lack of members.
  1. Most importantly, it leads to a successful outing or rendition of music by the choir.


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