Classical Music Personality Of The Week: Ayo Ogunranti

Ayo Ogunranti, composer and organist, was born in Ibadan, Nigeria in 1972. He received a B.A in Music (Composition & Performance) from Southampton University, UK in 2004, and is currently a Composition and Theory graduate student. He studied with Michael Finnissy, Michael Zev Gordon, David Nicholls, William Drabkin, Andy Fisher and Claudi Molitor while in Southampton. In Pittsburgh, Ayo has studied with Eric Moe and is currently studying with Mathew Rosenblum. Ayo believes in both the traditional and the contemporary ‘experimental’ approaches to Western Classical Music. In his compositions, he experiments with the fusion of elements that define this musical culture with those that define African music. Ayo is a strong advocate of the aesthetics of postmodernism in composition.

4 thoughts on “Classical Music Personality Of The Week: Ayo Ogunranti

  1. Samuel Nathaniel says:

    Ayo, u r great!!! (Samuel Nathaniel) – Olalekan Olaitan – St. Peter’s Aremo link.

    God bless u real good.

  2. Emmanuel says:

    Good day. I am currently working on your work Messiah Baba Mi. What led you to compose it. What were the event surrounding this

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